Goodbye Facebook

Bye Facebook

Part of my mission with less complications is to remove things from my life that are not necessary, waste time or are annoying.

Come in Facebook.

How much time we waste on Facebook looking at the idiotic updates of people we don’t even remember knowing? Who the hell are you anyway? You look familiar and we seem to have 2 mutual friends (who I also don’t know) but how do we know each other? The time wasted is criminal.

More importantly Facebook makes you miserable. You cannot help but compare yourself against other people and how better their lives seem to be. Funny how we can make a judgement on someone based on one photo of them at a party (they look so cool).  Either they do have a better life than you, or it just looks like they do. Either way, it’s never going to end well for your feelings (jealousy, guilt etc). “To compare is to dispair” said someone famous once so it is time to judge myself against me only.

Speaking of judging myself, I have been guilty of gloating about where I live by sharing pictures of glorious beaches and amazing sea views, simply to show off. This is just not right and  refuse to do this anymore.

So… I have decided to remove my account from FB and somehow live without it. Severing myself from FBs clutches is actually a very difficult thing to do, I have the sensation that I will miss out on some amazing news; such as a baby vomiting or someone making a cup of tea. But I think I will survive.


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